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Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Enjoy our beautiful beaches with endless sunsets, amazing views and plenty of coconuts around!

Santa Teresa is one of the most famous beaches for surfing.
Waves are constant all year long and offer a variety of spots for all types of surfers.

Our local instructors will take you to the best places where you will be able to improve your love for surfing or start to get involved in it.

Surfing is the best way of knowing yourself!
Being out in the water, feeling the flow of the ocean and the pelicans flying past you is pure and peaceful.

Waves are like life.

Sometimes you catch a perfect one and other times you just get smashed. But we always keep trying to surf again, over and over again and that is how you learn different ways of riding them.

Sometimes you succeed and enjoy that amazing long ride, and you discover the feeling of trusting in yourself.
That is what we want you to experience with Vaqoco.

We offer experiences for all types of surfers, from beginner to advanced. Our clients are from all ages, we also have a lot of experience with kids! 


We have lessons every day at different times, so you can adjust your plans to any session.

You can enjoy an early nice morning lesson or an afternoon one with the sun setting behind you.

And always, a refreshing coconut to end the session!


Grupal Surf Lessons

If you are a social person that enjoys being around new people, this is your opportunity for having fun!

You will meet nice people from all parts of the world and enrich cultural exchanges in a fun and chill atmosphere, where you will be able to share this beautiful passion with others.

In our grupal surf sessions you will be with one instructor and up to 2 more people.
This way, groups are not huge and we can still offer you a personalized surfing experience.


Semi-Private Surf Lessons

In the case you are traveling with a partner or a friend, the semi-private session is the perfect option to enjoy a lesson together.

You will be with one instructor that will lead the session just for both of you, correcting your moves and helping you catch the perfect waves.
It is always fun to share this experience together!


Private Surf Lessons

If you are looking for a super personalized session, this is the ideal option!

The private session is a one-on-one lesson with the instructor, who will have all his attention on you.
He will focus and help you make little adjustments to perfect your surfing.
You will be able to improve your skills and take your surfing to the next level.


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